BulletProof Security Pro ~ Unlimited Installations ~ Free Lifetime Upgrades

The Best Website Security Protection & The Best Price (See Cost Comparison)

The Complete Website Security Solution for Hacker and Spammer Protection

BulletProof Security Pro

PayPal Purchase & BPS Pro Plugin Zip File Download:

1. When you purchase BPS Pro, a User Account is automatically created for you on the ait-pro.com website to login and download BPS Pro.

2. After purchasing BPS Pro, login to the BPS Pro Download Login page using your PayPal email address. Your Username and Password are your PayPal email address. Example: Username: example@example.com - Password: example@example.com.

3. Your BPS Pro Download-Request Key is displayed to you the first time you login to the BPS Pro Download Area. Enter your BPS Pro Download-Request Key to download the BPS Pro plugin zip file.

Notes & Additional Purchase Info:
Your PayPal purchase transaction is handled completely and securely by PayPal. We do not have access to any of your purchase/financial information. PayPal IPN sends us a completed purchase transaction/receipt with your PayPal email address only, which is used to automatically create your ait-pro.com User Account.

If you are not automatically sent to the BPS Pro Download Login page after completing your PayPal purchase, return to this page and click this link: BPS Pro Download Login page. The Quick Links sidebar on the top right hand side of this page also contains this link & other useful links.

After completing your PayPal purchase an automated email is also sent to your PayPal email address. The automated email also contains your BPS Pro Download-Request Key and a link to the BPS Pro Installation, Activation and Setup Wizard Video Tutorial. Note: The automated email may get rejected/blocked or spammed, so be sure to copy and save your BPS Pro Download-Request Key to your computer when you login to the BPS Pro Download Login Area.

All future upgrades of BPS Pro are one-click upgrades from within your WordPress Dashboard.


Some of the highest ranking and most popular websites in the world use BulletProof Security Pro. AITpro does not display, expose or share your public, personal or private information for promotional reasons or for any reason, unless court ordered or required by legal process. All personal and private data is encrypted and cannot be accessed publicly. AITpro does not SPAM under any circumstances.

BulletProof Security Pro Licensing Info:

BulletProof Security Pro Software License

The BulletProof Security Pro license does not have a limitation on the number of websites, website domains and website hosting accounts that you can install BulletProof Security Pro on, as long as these websites, website domains and website hosting accounts are either owned directly by you, supported directly by you or managed directly by you on an ongoing basis. Please read the BulletProof Security Pro Software License before purchasing BulletProof Security Pro.

Thank you for choosing BulletProof Security Pro!

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